Design For Intelligent Software

BlueBox provides hardware and software accelerated solutions for the transcoding and transmission of audio, video and meta data. Spanning multiple platforms, we concentrate in the following fields:

  • Low Latency

  • Intel QuickSync




  • WebRTC

  • Network Transport

  • GStreamer

  • Visual Learning

  • Analytics

  • VR & AR

It is the responsibility of BlueBox design to select appropriate hardware resources and degrade to software methods when acceleration is unavailable. Interfaces designed by BlueBox hide the complexities of audio video processing from the user, whilst providing a flexible API with access to data at various stages of the processing pipeline.

BlueBox uses open source software libraries wherever possible and provides advice for licencing terms.

In addition to software programming, BlueBox offers research and consultancy services.


An accelerated software interfaces is available from BlueBox allowing the developer to interact with the latest hardware acceleration from NVIDIA, Intel and AMD. BlueBox provides a stacked architecture for video transport, session control and hardware acceleration. Using open source standard transport protocols, actual transcoding and display of video remains tightly coupled to the hardware manufacturers proprietary methods. This architecture is presented to the user under a simplified common API spanning multiple vendors. Our framework can be accessed through high level remote web services or localised low level platform dependant programming.


High Level Video Wall Browser Interface

Access hardware solutions from any device, desktop, tablet or mobile.

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