Control Room Software


Video Surveillance SDK


Simple accelerated video processing SDK for the resource intensive security and surviellance industry:


   -Accelerated RTSP decoding using NVIDIA, AMD & Intel chipsets

   -Accelerated RTSP encoding  using NVIDIA & Intel chipsets

   -Accelerated fisheye lens correction (dewarping) library

   -Multi GPU aware with CPU rollover

   -ONVIF Profile G absolute time (as text) for RFC 2326 playback

   -Live555 or FFMPEG transport control

   -Fully documented programmers guide

   -C, C++ and C# sample applications

   -Logging and debugging access

   -Open source license documentation



RTSP Desktop and Application Capture


Archive and display remote system desktops and applications using RTSP transport within the VMS environment:


   -Accelerated screen scraping and encoding for low head end resource usage (Intel and nVidia)

   -Low latency MJPEG and H264 compression configuration

   -Digest authenticated RTSP stream delivery

   -Text to source buffer interface for logging/tracking/events

   -Capture layered applications on a single desktop

   -Use alongside IP keyboard & Mouse for full RTSP KVM



VMS Plugins


High Density decoding using any combination 'off the shelf' hardware from Intel and nVidia. Our VMS plugin can be installed on any Windows 64bit system from Intel iGPU NUCs to large PCIe nVidia expansion systems. Current supported VMS integrations include:


   -Network Optix Nx Witness

   -Digital Watchdog

   -Hanwha Techwin WiseNet Wave 




   -Turn one or more Windows platform computers into a powerful decoding appliance(s)

   -Accelerated Video Wall or Spot Monitors using Intel and nVidia hardware

   -Fully integrated within the VMS environemnt ( no new interfaces)

   -Group Policy settings for performance, power and updates with many more features for 24/7 unmanned systems

   -Appliance Web Portal (AWP) for remote configuration (No Keyboard or Mouse required)

   -Remotely monitor system resources, temperature, memory, cpu, gpu through the AWP


For system setup and configuration, BlueBox provide an Appliance Web Portal (AWP) for remote setup in the browser of your choice, eliminating the need for remote KVM when appliances are stored in distant server rooms. The AWP will function with any graphics device design you choose to build:


   -Re-arrangement desktop display position
   -Set display resolution and refresh rate
   -Configure network settings for IPV4
   -Set Subnet, DNS & DHCP
   -Power options including Reboot & Shutdown



BlueBox Video Appliance Web Portal (AWP)


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