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Appliances from BlueBox are  delivered with pre-installed and configured operation platforms. During this process, operation items including non-critical security updates are disable, performance options applied and common system settings configured. Additional third party software can be installed and pre-configured by our installation team prior to dispatch.


For on-site settings and configuration, BlueBox provide an Appliance Web Portal (AWP) for remote setup of the following items:

  • Display Arrangement
  • Display Resolution & Refresh Rate
  • Network Settings for IPV4
  • Subnet, DNS & DHCP
  • Power Options including Reboot & Shutdown


The AWP provides integrators and installers the ability to view the display device whilst configuring the system, eliminating the need for remote KVM when appliances are stored in distant server rooms. The AWP also allows the Nano range of appliances to be VESA mounted behind screens in scalable video wall arrangements, providing access to fundamental settings.


All BlueBox appliances display the address of the AWP on its digital front panel. Upon initial access, the AWP can be locked down with administrative credentials and the front panel display disabled if needed.

Appliance Web Portal - AWP



Optional BlueBox MultiMedia Streaming Framework

An accelerated software interfaces is available from BlueBox allowing developers to interact with the latest hardware acceleration from NVIDIA, Intel and AMD. The generic interface provides hardware accelerated video transport, decoding, dewarping and display. The architecture is presented to the user under a simplified common API spanning multiple vendors. Our framework can be accessed through high level remote web services or localised low level platform dependant programming, C. C++ and C# sample applications exist within the SDK component of the framework. Other features include a TCP command server and client for remote control over a simple text based interface:


-OPEN=-url=stream:rtsp://<ipAddr>/<url> -x=0 -y=100 -w=640 -h=480 -x=0 -y=200 -w=640 -h=480



Video Wall Browser Interface


A full featured high level device independant software application provides remote access to video sources for display and manipulation on our decoder appliances.

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